ROME: Veni Vidi Vici

Rome (S.P.Q.R), the city of mighty Romans, the power house of European politics for centuries ranks high in defining the course of history and the western civilisation alike. Romans who ruled Europe and the Mediterranean countries for centuries have a great impact in shaping this City. The city with all its magnificence holds a special […]

Ujjain – The Timeless City

In the midst of countless devotees who were taking dip in the holy River Kshipra, I was overjoyed with the belief of being blessed to be part of the grand holy festival “Kumbha Mela” which happens once in 12 years in the Temple city of India – “Ujjain”. The city was ready in all its grandeur […]

Into the World of “BANKSY”

Banksy a World renowned artist headquartered in Bristol(UK) is famous for Stenciling graffiti works. His  artworks are not exhibited in the museums but it’s all on the streets of major cities around the world. Much appreciated for his satirical street art which are subtle, subversive & combines dark humor with Graffiti. Banksy started his work […]

Tom the tortoise

In one of the thick vegetation regions in Somerset there lived a tortoise by name Tom. Tom was very happy in its home with his fellow tortoises. One day he was on an evening walk. It was a summer evening and Tom was enjoying the sun, Chirping of the birds and golden sun rays all […]


As a Cuban kid always say here we meet once again…!!! There was this legend in remand room – Two guys one from Cuba and another from a village in Maharashtra – Mandwa , Antonio Montana and Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, both were in Juvenile Remand custody. Every time they came across, the Cuban kid used […]

The Perspectives…(Ulidavaru Kandante)

Our lives are defined by events, the events some of which are under control and some not. The events which we believe are under  control are mostly when we are winning (when things are going our way as anticipated or as planned when we are able to achieve our dreams and the happiness it brings), […]

Raju Chikkappa – A warmth blessing

“Always do right. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” – Mark Twain The word Chikkappa means “someone who is similar to father”, father’s younger brother. My celebration of Raju Chikkappa dates back to early childhood when we were told at home he will be visiting us…honestly it was no less than a […]