The Perspectives…(Ulidavaru Kandante)

Our lives are defined by events, the events some of which are under control and some not. The events which we believe are under  control are mostly when we are winning (when things are going our way as anticipated or as planned when we are able to achieve our dreams and the happiness it brings), at least from an individual perspective..! The question to ask ourselves is that are we really winning & Why are we winning? Which we often don’t really think about our acts as whatever we have done may be to help others or a selfish act, with affection & love or anger, with fairness or out of greed, cowardly or a courageous act, out of sympathy or submission.

When we are losing most of us feel lost, but if we are sensible and start to analyse the situation a different picture emerge…A big Picture indeed, which we often tend to ignore. Every act we perform is under vigilant eyes of other’s discretion and to an extent the reason the way they act towards us(ofcourse also the circumstance and the personality types involved). Ulidavaru Kandanthe is an attempt from director to show the different perspectives and the reason behind events in people lives.

The movie revolves around different relationships among a set of people in a sea shore fishing town of Malpe, Karnataka. It has all the ingredients, indeed an amazing mix of emotions revolving around friends, family love, mother’s affection, father’s expectations, son’s love towards parents, a lover’s tale, greediness, local goons & dons, dreams to be rich, children’s wit and their childhood all of these woven in an intricate fabric of local culture showcasing the lifestyle, beliefs and myths of small town people.

Ulidavaru (2)

Two best friends while playing a team game have a fight with a bully, one friend(Richie) out of rage stabs the bully to death, to save his best friend(Raghu). Witnessing this the friend who was under bully’s attack(Raghu) runs scared to settle in Mumbai and to be active in underworld as a smuggler, while the other friend who committed crime(Richie) gets into juvenile remand custody to undergo immense mental trauma and physical hardship which delineate him to be a crafty goon in local mafia. Both cross each other paths after 15 yrs under the premise ploy of Krishna’s Idol story (revealed to “Sri Madhvacharya” in a Ship wreck in 13th Century AD) in Malpe, near Udupi.


The script is technically sound and provides the audience with enriching experience owing to sensitive and sensible narration through a diverse mix of themes like – “Sri MadhwaVijaya”, the coastal lifestyle, the traditions and rituals followed, the beliefs and proudness of coastal people. Also a distinct comparison made with gadi Karnataka(Outside of Western Ghats) lifestyle. Some of the themes which were engrossing are …


A South Indian folk theatre form that coalesce tactically the dance, music, dialogues, costume, make-up, and stage techniques with a unique style and form.  To convey the anchoring of the whole story an extract and the most important part of “Sri MadhwaVijaya”  being played in “YAKSHGANA” form mentioning about how “Sri Madhvacharya” found the idols of Lord Krishna & Balaram by saving the Ship.

This amazing story of how idols of Lord Krishna and Balaram crossed the ocean from Dwaraka(present day Gujarat) to Udupi (in Karnataka) is narrated in “Sri Madhwa Vijaya”, autobiography of Sri Madhvacharya. Acharya desired to have a Lord Krishna temple in Udupi, where he preached and established 8 Mathas (religious and scholarly institutes).


The legend is that in Dwapara Yuga (≈5000BC), after uniting with her son Krishna, Mother Devaki wishes to see Krishna as a Child as she missed out Krishna’s childhood in Vrindavan. Devaki and her husband Vasudev were imprisoned earlier by her brother Kamsa, until Krishna killed Kamsa and released his parents from the mighty clutches of his maternal uncle.

Krishna granting the wish to his mother, assumed child form, acted mischievously by eating churn butter and clambered all over Devaki’s lap. This act was witnessed by krishna’s consort Rukmini who adored krishna’s child form and made an idol of the Lord in child form. After the completion of Krishna and Rukmini’s Avatar, Arjuna found the idol and buried it in Rukhmini Vana. Over centuries Dwaraka got submerged under sea but the idol remained inland and was smeared with Sandalwood paste(chandana) & clay. A ship carrying logs of Sandalwood mistook the idols to be just wood and set off to sail in rough Arabian sea. Sri Acharaya who bestowed with divine powers felt that the ship carrying idols were caught in the storm and required guidance. Sri Acharya went to Malpe beach and started waving his saffron turban cloth and saved the ship which was badly wrecked. For saving the Sailors life, out of gratitude the captain offered Acharya to take the sandalwoods for religious use. Out of the entire stock Acharya took only two logs which were the idols of Lord Krishna and Balaram, which he reinstated in Udupi(Sri Krishna Temple) and Malpe temples respectively.

2Acharya udupi krishna

The movie revolves around this ploy, that Acharya would have intentionally left precious things in the Arabian Sea as he was keen only on the Lord’s idol…if interested for a treasure hunt we can all go at once leaving behind the unimportant mundane unpleasant lifestyle…!!!

In the movie a fisherman(working under Local don) finds a log of wood(a golden artefact..!!) and sends it to Mumbai for sale without the Local don’s knowledge (Under whom Richie and all the fishermen are working. “Once upon a time in Mumbai” this same Local don was also a smuggler, who very much keeps an eye on going smuggling activities in Mumbai). The artefact reaches to a smuggling gang in Mumbai where Raghu is working. Considering the artefact belongs to Dwapara Yuga and associated exuberant whopping price, Raghu steals the idol and runs to his home town Malpe to meet his mother and arrange for their escape to Dubai. But Local don who already have this info ask his gang leader Richie to chase Raghu…his best friend!.  That’s how both the friends cross each other’s path after 15 years.

Some of the other themes like “Tiger Dance”, The use of Word “Democracy”, The greatness of Scare Crows – “Bedchappas” or “Bidiru Gombe”  –  It is the pure genius of the director and the crew to time these subjects and character roles along with tactful and delightful witty conversation  culminating with thrilling music.

maxresdefault (1)hqdefault


Probably also the most important part of the movie is the context of Cuban story narrated by Richie to Raghu, it goes like this….

As a Cuban kid always say here we meet once again…!!!


There was this legend a story in remand room – Two guys one from Cuba and another from a village in Maharashtra – Mandwa , Antonio Montana and Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, both were in Juvenile Remand custody. Every time they came across, the Cuban kid used to comment in a language that the Mandwa kid never understood and mistook the comment as abhorrent. This continued for a while but one day Mandwa kid lost his temper caught hold of the Cuban kid, dropped him on the ground and started beating him on his nose black and blue – dan dan dan and broke his nose. Later when they both were reprimand by the Warden the Mandwa Kid came to know that the Cuban kid “never abused him but he only wished him good morning and greetings in Spanish”. Just think, How would the Cuban kid have felt when he was getting hit on the nose, dan dan dan, he didn’t even know the reason why the Mandwa kid was hitting him. Just think about his state of mind. What was going through it? Cuban kid must be so confused…Aren’t you confused…had this happen to you, would you have reacted differently?….either as a Cuban Kid or Vijay Dinanath Chauhan..!.

This story holds so true in each of our lives. Most of the times we can’t comprehend why the other person is behaving badly or strangely with us. If they behave well, we don’t really care why he/she is good to us…but most importantly behind every emotion there is a reason, the other’s perspective towards your personality or the recent events.

Having gone through the different moods of the movie capturing the essence of its narration, it is just my limited comprehension as what I intended to see in the movie … nevertheless its just my perspective… need not be what others perceive or even director’s.

Are you confused? Watch the movie again and again….its worth to rouse up your brain.

Disclaimer: The images used in this post doesn’t belong to Author, are taken from different websites.


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