As a Cuban kid always say here we meet once again…!!!


There was this legend in remand room – Two guys one from Cuba and another from a village in Maharashtra – Mandwa , Antonio Montana and Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, both were in Juvenile Remand custody. Every time they came across, the Cuban kid used to comment in a language that the Mandwa kid never understood and mistook the comment as abhorrent. This continued for a while but one day Mandwa kid lost his temper caught hold of the Cuban kid, dropped him on the ground and started beating him on his nose black and blue – dan dan dan and broke his nose. Later when they both were reprimand by the Warden the Mandwa Kid came to know that the Cuban kid “never abused him but he only wished him good morning and greetings in Spanish”. Just think, How would the Cuban kid have felt when he was getting hit on the nose, dan dan dan, he didn’t even know the reason why the Mandwa kid was hitting him. Just think about his state of mind. What was going through it? Cuban kid must be so confused…Aren’t you confused…had this happen to you, would you have reacted differently?….either as a Cuban Kid or Vijay Dinanath Chauhan..!

This story holds so true in each of our lives. Most of the times we can’t comprehend why the other person is behaving badly or strangely with us. If they behave well, we don’t really care why he/she is good to us…but most importantly behind every emotion there is a reason, the other’s perspective towards your personality or the recent events.

(Extract from Kannada movie – Ulidavaru Kandante)


2 thoughts on “The CUBAN STORY

    1. hi Priya, thanks for the comments.
      Well I think the cuban story is the basis for the plot of entire movie with diff circumstances weaved in..
      What do you think abt the movie plot?

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