Tom the tortoise

In one of the thick vegetation regions in Somerset there lived a tortoise by name Tom. Tom was very happy in its home with his fellow tortoises.

One day he was on an evening walk. It was a summer evening and Tom was enjoying the sun, Chirping of the birds and golden sun rays all over.

After few yards Tom encountered a deer which has just jumped the fence and was about to land on him who was walking just beside the fence.  Young Tom was surprised to see this new creature. In its habitat it has seen Rabbits, Foxes, Badgers but the long legged Deer was a real surprise. Tortoise just broke the silence and started conversing with Deer.


Tortoise: Who are you

Deer: I am Den the Deer. Nice to meet you, how about you?

T: Pleasure meeting you, I am Tom the Tortoise, I am from a nearby Swamp. I live with my mom and few other relatives. By the way,  where are you from

D: I am from Mendips. I live with my parents, brothers, sisters & Granddad about an hour walk in the woods.

T: What are you doing here.

D: I was bored in Mendips and wanted to explore the world.

T: Tom couldn’t hold back  his curiosity at the new enlightened exploring notion as imploded by Den.  Overwhelmed with emotions Tom stammered a bit and hesitatingly frowned in haste and  asked ohhh how big is the world.

D: Its very very big I believe…my granddad narrates me a lot of bed time stories about far off places like Incredible India with many big rivers and forests, the amazons in Brazil, the dense African jungles… the list goes on.

Den said angrily have you seen  the horrendous humans using various means of transports.. Motor Bikes with 2 wheels, Cars, Jeep & also huge vehicles like heavy trucks with many wheels.  Also I have seen in the sky Helicopters & Aeroplanes….I remember my dad saying that humans use these Aeroplanes to cross oceans and reaching far off continents.

T:  Tom excitedly expressed his passion that  “I also would like to cross the ocean and see the world”.

Den: Well well well that’s quite implausible… unless we are captured by these humans for their means. Like keeping us in  Zoo or circus in other parts of the world. Before getting selected for such positions you have to pass a lot of difficult tests…one should be charming and skilful, also may have to go through intense behavioural and mannerism training under vigilant eyes of a horrid unjust trainer. You know its lot of hard work and test of ones mettle. After all this  you may end up in a zoo where you may just be in a cage or in a walled chamber, its just the travel part which might be interesting if you get to sail first class or business class …!!

T: Ohh is it…looks like its not worth considering

D: hmmm…well also you can explore on your own …but its too dangerous. Today while coming here I saw at least 3 animals killed on road..!!

T: Killed on road ..??

D: Yes, the humans have laid roads for faster travel and use different vehicles for themselves to explore the world..self-centred humans. They don’t care about us. Most of us are not quick enough to cross the roads, we tend to believe that our world is safe and try to explore the world, but in the process most of us get killed on deadly road accidents but it doesn’t bother the humans.

We don’t have freedom. But my parents told that we live in a Democracy said the Deer. We don’t have the choice or the means to live our life freely…

T: I always thought that the world is small, but now I cant resist to explore more. can I really do it? Well the road accidents ….I am scared to take a step said Tom with a trembling voice.

D: Let me think…well you can climb on my back and I will take you around as much as I can avoiding ghastly roads and human civilisation.!!!

Hope & wish both Tom & Den have good time together exploring this beautiful world ….

will you let Tom & Den to explore ? or continue the insane wildlife Holocaust…


In the UK every day hundreds of animals get killed on Road. I often see them on road with innumerable tyres screeching a carcass of an animal again and again until it totally disappear from the scene. Whereas most (humans) in the UK plan for their funeral in a grand way. Aren’t we sadistic and unkind …!!

As per Statistics the numbers are staggering. For example in US alone annually

41 million squirrels
26 million cats
22 million rats
19 million opossums
15 million raccoons
6 million dogs
350,000 deer

are killed in road accidents (Source:

Image: Tortoise and Deer, Courtesy:


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