Into the World of “BANKSY”

Banksy a World renowned artist headquartered in Bristol(UK) is famous for Stenciling graffiti works. His  artworks are not exhibited in the museums but it’s all on the streets of major cities around the world. Much appreciated for his satirical street art which are subtle, subversive & combines dark humor with Graffiti. Banksy started his work from Bristol and kept his identity always associated with the city which gave him an audience & eventually international fame.

Going to Bristol city center it’s hard not to notice Banksy’s artworks on the street walls, buildings, alleys and physical props.  His art works are humorous and vibrant colored which eloquently depict and interprets vividly about ongoing political and social issues encompassing various topics, some of which are Love, poverty, War, migrant crisis, globalization, global warming, social division, questioning political views and religion. His artwork sometimes includes slogans which are anticapitalist & antiestablishment which brings about the importance of social equality & international political synergy to make world a better place to live.

One of his first artwork is still in Stokecroft, Bristol -A bear holding MOLOTOV cocktail!Bear-Molotov

In Detroit,Michigan – on a closed Automobile Plantbanksy-trees_3460301b

During London Olympics…questioning the necessity of it when the world is poverty strickenbanksy-olympic-rings

Negotiate through non-violenceבית לחם

Against Capitalistic oriented lifestylelifestyle

At Oxford street, London – “SHOP till YOU DROP”07-Falling-Shopper

Questioning the Law makers…”Are you guys only elected for Posing”00-This-is-not-a-Photo-Opportunity-865x599

Playing Safe …!! (@ Montpelier, Bristol) – So you want to “DAMAGE YOURSELF”playing-it-safe-banksy

“Steve Jobs, a Syrian Migrant” (@ Calais, France – Gate way to UK) – Reminding us that even Steve Jobs was a Migrant and questioning the ongoing immigrant crisis in Europe due to Syrian War. All people in the world are entitled to a peaceful ground under their feet…banksy_calais__01_2015

His Latest artwork(June 2016)is at Bridge Farm Primary School,Bristol…tribute to School & its authorities as they named one of the house at School as “BANKSY”bridge farm

Begging for Change…”Keep your Coins”Change

Banksy has produced more than 500 artworks to date and continue to stimulate the world around with his Murals. He has been very active from Bethlehem’s backyard to Corridors of California questioning the present day Social practices and the so called DEMOCRATIC rules appeasing only few in the world. His work as a graffiti artist, political activist and film director has been commendable and has provided a platform for us to think about ongoing issues with a fresh perspective. On back of Banksy’s success street art has grown more popular and has created avenue for young budding artist to showcase their talent on streets – “The BANKSY’s EFFECT”.

Some of the interesting facts about Banksy is that even being so much famous internationally he doesn’t sell or reproduce his artworks. Instead the art auctioneers around the world auction it for the interested bidders. So far no one in the world knows the true identity of BANKSY…“THE ART ROBIN HOOD” of this century, shall we visit Baker street to employ Sherlock Holmes to find BANKSY??

Disclaimer: Banksy artworks are all around the world and are subjected to vandalism and its a challenge to access the best quality artwork images. Pls note that artworks used in the Blog are taken from different sources on WWW, the images doesn’t belong to author.





2 thoughts on “Into the World of “BANKSY”

  1. V,

    Great going buddy. Very well written

    I was reading an article a couple of weeks back which mentioned that people were selling walls with his art work on the sly.

    Thanks for introducing me to Bansky’s art in Bristol.

    We should do a trip across England sometime.

    Congrats !


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